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Diffuser FAQs

Can I put essential oils in my diffuser?

  • Yes, our essential oils are safe to diffuse.

How many essential oil drops do I add to my diffuser water?

  • You should put 3-5 drops per ounce of water.


Why won't my  diffuser  not turn on?

  • Check that the power cord is firmly plugged into the diffuser and the adapters are plugged in. Disconnect, check the cables, and re-connect carefully.
  • Is there enough water in the tank? Add water in the tank until it is above the Minimum fill line.


The diffuser light turns on but the mist does not work.

  • Sometimes the mist if very fine and can be hard to see. This does not mean it is not working. It is also very quiet so even if you do not hear it, does not mean it is not working. You will be able to hear a faint sound if operating.
  • There may not be enough water in the tank, make sure the water tank is filled.
  • There may be too much water in the tank. Do not fill over the maximum fill line.
  • The diffuser may be dirty. Follow cleaning procedures located in the User Manual.
  • Make sure the underside of the diffuser is clear. This is the suction area and must be free for air flow. Make sure it is clean of dust as well. 



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